SM Talent Management is focused on CAREER MANAGEMENT for Individuals but also Talent Management and Executive Mentoring for Companies.

But after all what does a CAREER MANAGER do?
O Career Manager é contratado pelos particulares/candidatos para os ajudar na procura de um novo Emprego ou Projecto, ajudando na optimização da sua presença no mercado.

A Career Manager is hired by individuals/applicants to assist them in finding a new Job or Project, helping to optimize their presence in the market.

A Career Manager may also be hired by Companies but under Outplacement Advisory and Executive Mentoring, that is, Internal Talent Management, to outline career, reintegration, training and/or promotion plans in the short and medium term.

Note: On the opposite side are the Recruiters who are hired by Companies to help them find the right Professional for the job position they want to fill in.

SM Talent Management has a network of partners that support People & Business in the various areas of Human Resources Development and Management, namely:

Career Management Programmes ( always tailor-made on a case by case basis ):

  • Global Career Program Management
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Career Diagnostic-Session
  • Personal Branding Training
  • LinkedIn Improvement Training
  • Human Resource policy management
  • Legal support in the contractual analysis of admission or dismissal proposals
  • Assessments for Internal Promotion and/or Career Change
  • Establishment of Business, Marketing and Communication Plans, Brands and Products, Public Relations and Storytelling.
  • Design and support in changing and improving the “Personal and Professional Image”
  • Executive & Business Coaching
  • Mentoring & Business Angels