Career Management Programmes (always tailor-made on a case by case basis):

  • Global Career Program Management
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Career Diagnostic-Session
  • Personal Branding
  • Training
  • LinkedIn Improvement Training

SM Talent Management has a network of partners that support People & Business in the various areas of Human Resources Development and Management, namely:

  • Human Resource policy management
  • Legal support in the contractual analysis of admission or dismissal proposals
  • Assessments for Internal Promotion and/or Career Change
  • Establishment of Business, Marketing and Communication Plans, Brands and Products, Public Relations and Storytelling.
  • Design and support in changing and improving the “Personal and Professional Image”
  • Executive & Business Coaching
  • Mentoring & Business Angels


SM Talent Management is focused on CAREER MANAGEMENT for Individuals but also Talent Management and Executive Mentoring for Companies.

But after all what does a CAREER MANAGER do?

A Career Manager is hired by individuals/applicants to assist them in finding a new Job or Project, helping to optimize their presence in the market.

A Career Manager may also be hired by Companies but under Outplacement Advisory and Executive Mentoring, that is, Internal Talent Management, to outline career, reintegration, training and/or promotion plans in the short and medium term.

Note: On the opposite side are the Recruiters who are hired by Companies to help them find the right Professional for the job position they want to fill in.