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We support your Career steps with the best professionals in several sectors and markets. Our mentors are prominent Executives, Business Managers, Financial experts & Investors, founders of start-ups, Lawyers, Transformation Specialists, Digital and Tech experts. Selected by the SM Management Team, each Mentor is committed to coach and support our Clients.

Susana Miranda

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

— Steven Spielberg


Madalena Marques

Madalena Marques, with 30 years of experience as a lawyer and a partner in the “Victor Marques & Associados” law firm, a key player in the market for the last two decades, is a specialist in the fields of employment law and company law and provides legal advice to both companies and individuals.

Madalena shall assist our clients (candidates and companies) to appropriately resolve processes of a legal or commercial nature in a personalized approach tailored to the legislation in effect.

She is also a specialist in validating RGPD processes.

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Labour & Commercial Law - Madalena Marques
Sales Strategy & Team Development - Pedro Soares de Mello


Pedro Soares de Mello

Pedro Soares de Mello draws on 35 years of business management experience. He is a consultant in Management and Negotiation and a professor at IPAM and the Coimbra Business School.

His specialist fields span client segmentation, the development of commercial and business strategies, negotiation, training, and the preparation/development of commercial teams.

Pedro shall accompany our clients in a personalized approach able to optimize their performances and processes.

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Maria João de Figueiredo

Her professional career began in 1994, having worked as Financial Director in several areas, such as the automotive industry and civil construction. In 2006, she took over the technical direction of 2 accounting and management support offices, having been awarded prizes for her performance and technical rigour.

Ciphra appears in November 2012, assuming the position of CEO in the Amora office. In 2016 Lisbon became part of Ciphra's roadmap with the opening of a new office. Today, with more than 20 employees and two offices, the certainty is that people and their attitudes are the levers for sustained and continuous growth.

  • Certified Accountant (OCC) & Degree in Business Management
  • Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Mentor in Entrepreneurship and Women's Development
  • Trainer in Accounting, Financial Management, Credits/Collections and Leadership.

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Coaching - Mafalda Almeida
Branding & Social Media - Ricardo Milho


Ricardo Milho

Trained Systems Programmer, he is the founder and CEO of M de Milho, a Digital Marketing Agency.

He started his career in a prestigious consultancy company in Lisbon. In 2002 he moved to London, where he spent 11 years developing his specialty in Marketing and Digital Marketing, working on several relevant international projects.

He returned to Portugal to launch the M de Milho Agency to assert the agency in the digital market as an "out-of-the-box" reference, with tailored solutions for its customers.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • WEB, Email Marketing E-Commerce Development
  • Branding & Product Management

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Sofia Sequeira

Sofia Sequeira, a graduate in Sociology and with a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing, has developed her career over the last 21 years, both leading departments of human resources and training and undertaking consultancy and training projects for national and multinational companies across the most varied of sectors – retail, logistics, IT and telecommunications, aviation, banking, pharmaceuticals and among others.

  • Human Resource Policy Design
  • Performance Evaluation & Potential Talents
  • Organizational Change & Innovation
  • Training & Talent Development
  • DISC | SHL | PDA Assessments

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HR & Corporate Development - Sofia Sequeira
Branding & Social Media - Ricardo Milho


Bo-Inge Stensson

He has 35 years of international experience in “Operations and Supply Chain Management” in “Blue Chip” Companies and Groups.

Currently provides consultancy to multinational groups in Portugal and Europe as an advisor to C-level & Middle-management Executives in the improvement of internal and external processes and procedures.

  • Purchasing and Business and Brand Sustainability
  • Strategy in “Markets and Commodity”

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